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Tab's Ban Appeal

Started by loveliveservee, June 17, 2021, 05:29:30 AM

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Hello, My name is Tab, I am 15 now, and also doing a minecraft school course my mom Tricia enrolled me in. And i was banned for grief a few years back , i also tried submitting a ban appeal around that same time but it was not excepted.
What actually happened: I was in the wrong for griefing someone's property, and it was a petty thing to do to someone's build, i do feel i have learned my lesson, and i promise to follow all of the rules for here on out.
Anything else we should know: Anything you think might be helpful (screenshots etc.)
Thats all, But i hope to reconnect with the people of froobworld, so we can all have a good time, but with no mischief behavior from me this time. Thank you! -Tab Wheeler


Hi Tab, thanks for making an appeal.

Since it's been so long and you appear to be genuinely sorry for what you did, we have decided to unban you. Welcome back!