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Started by froobynooby, January 05, 2019, 10:19:33 PM

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Ever find things like this?

Ugly destroyed beaches and unsightly towers made of random blocks. We don't like these things, but not many people will actually make them right.

There is a new rank/role called Janitor which is available to all Veterans. Janitors are cleaners of messes. They are people that actually want to get rid of these things, and will because that's their job. You can assist Janitors by reporting any messes you find around the world. The process of doing this is very simple, and takes only a couple seconds of your time:

When you come across a mess such as the dirt and cobblestone towers in the picture above you simply type '/mess' in chat followed by a short description of what you're looking at:

A Janitor, recognisable by their teal names

will see that someone has reported a messy area that needs cleaning.

They can teleport to that area with their appropriate cleaning supplies

and in a short while have the area back to it's natural state.

All Veterans are able to become Janitors simply by asking a staff member to make them one. It should be noted that anyone who becomes a Janitor is expected to do the work. Please do not become a Janitor just for the different name colour, as those who do not actually respond to reports will be removed from the position.

By spawn there is a Janitors' closet which houses some supplies for cleaning up messy areas, such as buckets and dirt. If you have extra supplies donating them to the Janitors' closet supply is very much appreciated.

Relevant commands:

  • /mess <description> - Report a messy area at your location with a short description.
  • /listmesses - Get a list of id's and descriptions of reported messy areas.
  • /tpmess <id> - Teleport to a messy area with given id.
  • /closemess <id> - Declare a messy area with given id cleaned.


Is there a cap to how many janitors there are?


There's going to be a max of 10 Janitors at any given time. After a player has been a Janitor for a week there is a possibility they will lose their role if someone else wishes to be a Janitor and the cap has already been reached. In this case the Janitor who has been away from the server the longest will be replaced by the prospective Janitor.


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