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The Grand City of Verring

Started by X_ium, May 21, 2018, 03:18:08 PM

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The Grand City of Verring: A Tourist's Guide
Built by X_ium, OrioleScout, and FreakyTiki
Coordinates: [82, 64, -2469]

Inside this guide you'll find mainly just pictures of the famous buildings that have been made over the years. Though not all of them are very impressive, they're important to the city's history.

  • Landing Point
  • Red Tower
  • Banana Hammock (OrioleScout's House)
  • Farm
  • Marjara Harbor
  • Floating Island
  • Century Palace
  • White Tower
  • Turias Manor (X_ium's House)
  • Marshpoint Tower
  • Mountainside Residence (FreakyTiki's House)
  • Northern Ramparts
  • Bone Temple
  • Village District
  • South Gate

Landing Point

Being the first building constructed in the Grand City, it's not very fancy. However, it's made up of stone mined from the mountainside as well as the wood from the caravans that traveled here under High King Ciris.
Constructed by X_ium

Red Tower

Built by King Joseph to both watch over his subjects and look out for incoming ships, this tower has served as the guard's barracks, but has recently started accommodating a library to care for important books during Regent Lord Eris's rule. Recently, the guard captain has been offering a treasure hunt to adventurers that ask about it.
Constructed by X_ium

Banana Hammock (OrioleScout's House)

This strange structure was created in honor of a bountiful harvest long ago.
Constructed by OrioleScout


This farm has sustained the city's population since the first settlers. Though we've expanded enough to need more than this farm to keep everyone fed, it still supplies a large portion of the city's food.
Constructed by X_ium

Marjara Harbor

The Marjara Harbor is embedded into the cliffside and is protected by a small garrison. The Grand Fleet of Verring, when not out on the open sea, is docked here.
Constructed by FreakyTiki

Floating Island

Legends tell of islands being raised into the sky by a powerful wizard. This particular island looms ominously over the Village District, just outside of the city.
Constructed by OrioleScout

Century Palace

This Palace, built by King Jonathan 100 years after the founding of Verring, has served as the seat of power in the city. The current king, James Turias, converses with the local lords as he reigns from the Winter Throne.
Constructed by X_ium

White Tower

Built by King Olanaar to honor his wife's passing, the White Tower is only accessible by a small bridge from the top floor of the Century Palace.
Constructed by X_ium

Turias Manor (X_ium's House)

The personal home of the ruling family, Turias Manor is closed to almost all visitors.
Constructed by X_ium

Marshpoint Tower

This tower connects our wall to the neighboring marsh, in preparation for possible expansion. Acute readers will realize this is also shows the Marshpoint Bridge, which has come to win an award in bridge building!
Constructed by X_ium

Mountainside Residence (FreakyTiki's House)

This fancy home was constructed by a lord that ordered supplies from across the world to build his house. It's since been applauded for its bold architectural designs.
Constructed by FreakyTiki

Northern Ramparts

This wall is the first line of Verring's defense, and has held up for quite a few sieges during Queen Freya's reign. The King's Road leads out of the city from here.
Constructed by X_ium

Bone Temple

A small group of fanatics have built this temple inside the city walls, alarming many of the populace. However, nothing sinister seems to be happening, so they're allowed to keep it up.
Constructed by FreakyTiki

Village District

This is where most of the populace of Verring live. Sure, it may not be the nicest piece of land, but it's what many of us call home.
Constructed by OrioleScout

South Gate

The gate out of the city. The Prince's Road leads further south.
Constructed by X_ium

This sums up the attractions in the Grand City of Verring. I hope you enjoy your visit!


That's really very impressive. I love seeing places with a bit of lore to them, very interesting to explore. I also found this screenshot I took of your city from dynmap in April 2017: You've been working on this for a long time!


Thanks! :D I love making projects that take a long time to make. It's interesting looking back and seeing the slowly build up. It'll be fun to see what everyone makes when the map resets.